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Blue Sky Midstream

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Helping our valuable customers take full advantage of every available opportunity by pinpointing and applying the most cost-effective natural gas processing and gas treating solutions for individual gas projects.
At Blue Sky Midstream, our team is committed to providing proven plant designs for all of your natural gas processing needs. Our standard designs are now successfully used to remove gas contaminants throughout the country. 
Just a few of our prior successful case studies:
H2S and CO2 Removal Using Amine Treating Solutions
We have designed, constructed, commenced, operated, and remodeled amine plants from 1 GPM Glymine unit to 1,000 GPM amine units. 
O2 Removal
We have successfully removed oxygen from 100 ppm to 3% from a natural gas stream.
H2O Removal using Glycol/TEG Plants
We have constructed, implemented, and operated multiple glycol plants using TEG or EG. 
H2S Scavengers
We have designed, constructed, and operated solid base and liquid scavengers to remove H2S from a level of 20 ppm to 3,000 ppm.
We have used membranes to effectively reduce CO2 from a level of 20% to less than 2% in both single and dual stage applications. Membrane technology has improved significantly and can now be used in a more feasible manner. 
To learn more about Blue Sky Midstream and how we can use our proven technologies to assist you with your natural gas processing project, please contact us now.